Identifying Environmental Risk Factors

New Binational Great Lakes Nuclear Map Identifies “Nuclear Hot Spots”

May 6, 2013 Great Lakes United and the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH) released today the Great Lakes Nuclear Hot Spots Map, providing a detailed regional, binational view of nuclear facilities in the Great Lakes Region. As the map shows, with the exception of Lake Superior, each of the Great Lakes has numerous nuclear sites related to nuclear power generation, most of which are located within one kilometre of the … [Read More...]

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November 26, 2013 The International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH) strongly believes that the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE should be invoked and applied to the practice of fracking for fossil fuel. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent environmental … [Read More...]

GE – Hitachi Toronto Public Meeting – IICPH Intervention

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) held a public meeting in Toronto on December 10-11 2013 regarding GE-Hitachi’s Toronto facility. This facility manufactures uranium pellets used for fuel in CANDU nuclear reactors.  This meeting arose due to concerns raised by residents in the area and their political representatives, as to the nature of operations of this facility, of which they were essentially unaware, and the hazards such a … [Read More...]

Deep Geological Repository proposed

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has submitted its proposal for the construction and operation of a deep geological repository (DGR) for the long-term management of low-and intermediate-level radioactive waste (L&ILW) produced by OPG owned nuclear power reactors.  OPG’s proposal, referred to as the “DGR Project”, includes the site preparation and construction of the DGR as well as its operation, decommissioning and abandonment. The … [Read More...]

IICPH Attends News Conference in Buffalo

  IICPH was invited to join with the Sierra Club Niagara Group, Nuclear Information and Resource Services and the Women's Indigenous Initiatives, at a press conference in Buffalo, NY on May 15, 2013 to inform the citizens of New York State of the DOE plan to ship HIGH LEVEL RADIOACTIVE LIQUID WASTE 1,000 miles across public roads and bridges in the U.S. and Canada. Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) is planning to truck 23,000 liters … [Read More...]

Pickering – OPG Applies for 5-year Renewal

Current Proposal by OPG Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is applying to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for a five-year renewal of its operating licence for six reactors at its Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS). In addition, OPG intends to continue operating these reactors until the end of 2020. But critical components in four of these reactors will reach their designed end-of-life during 2014-2016. So OPG is planning … [Read More...]

Featured Public Health Issue

Letter to Minister Oliver re. Shipment of High-level Liquid Radioactive Waste

Letter to Minister Oliver re shipment of high-level liquid radioactive waste, click here. April 2, 2013 article by Ian McLeod of the Ottawa Citizen on this topic in which IICPH is mentioned click here. … [Read More...]